Providence Waterways


Water runs through Providence, everywhere. Seen and unseen, heard and unheard, it is a throughline connecting us to the Earth, to the past and to each other. We may know that water plays an important role in our lives, but how often do we come face to face with the details?

Providence Waterways is a deep dive into our relationship with water. Together, we’ll explore the history, infrastructure and restoration of water running through this city. We’ll ask questions about community access and environmental justice. We’ll venture to forgotten swamps, recovering rivers, ghost wharves and more. We’ll explore the many forms that our water has taken over time, the stories it tells and the power it holds. LEARN MORE >


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Doors Open RI connects people to local places of cultural, historical and architectural significance in an effort to bridge communities and inspire new perspectives on our cities.  In partnership with a multitude of cultural and community organizations, Doors Open RI provides behind-the-scenes access to Rhode Island’s best-kept secrets through innovative and fun programs, tours and festivals.

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Help us push RI’s Doors Open! Donate to our crowdfunding campaign:


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We believe that through welcoming the public inside the gems at the heart of our communities, we can strengthen the connections between people and the places around them. In this sense, we aim to transform our residents into advocates for our built environment and ambassadors for Rhode Island.

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