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Annmary Brown Memorial

Annmary Brown Memorial Map

Annmary Brown Memorial

21 Brown Street

Sat, Sept 23 10am-4pm 


The Annmary Brown Memorial was commissioned by Colonel Rush C. Hawkins in memory of his wife who died in 1903. He described her as “the most truly refined, upright, unselfish, and beautiful character that I have ever known.” This neoclassical building opened its doors in 1907. Hawkins had long planned to build a library to house his collection of art and rare books, but following her death, he reconceived the original conception as both a repository for his treasures and an elegantly appointed crypt. Forty years later it was deeded to Brown University.

Inside the Memorial, you’ll find evidence of his life including his service in the Civil War, his art collection and of course, the side-by-side tombs where Hawkins and Annmary were laid to rest. In addition, you will see toy soldiers, a collection of British military swords, and Brown family portraits.

Hawkins decreed that each year on her birthday, Annmary’s grave should be adorned with a wreath of flowers, to be left there for a year. The practice continues to this day.

Behind the Scenes

View the lovers’ crypt and admire the treasures from Hawkins’ art collection as well as swords and toy soldiers.

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Photography courtesy of Annmary Brown Memorial, Brown University

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