Jane’s Walk 2020 2020-05-12T01:42:07-04:00

Joelle Kanter ᛫ City Organizer

To lead a walk or get involved in other ways, contact Joelle Kanter at joellekanter@gmail.com

Jane’s Walk Providence 2020

An annual festival of free, resident-led walking conversations

Learn More: facebook.com/JanesWalkPVD


Thank you for your interest in Jane’s Walk in Providence! Due to the coronavirus, we are unlikely to move forward with the 2020 festival as planned from Friday, May 1st through Sunday, May 3rd. We are considering other ways to connect with our neighbors about unique places in our city, and we’d love to hear your ideas! As we make decisions, we will share information here on the Doors Open RI website and the Jane’s Walk PVD Facebook page. Meanwhile, please feel free to contact the local coordinator, Joelle Kanter: joellekanter@gmail.com with any questions.

ABOUT JANE’S WALK:  Inspired by urban activist Jane Jacobs, Jane’s Walk encourages people to get out and explore their neighborhoods. Unlike typical guided tours, these free walks are led by volunteer citizen guides who share knowledge of their own communities while inspiring participants to think, talk, and connect. Providence is one of more than 200 participating cities with Jane’s Walks around the world, and that number grows every year.


All Walks are FREE!  |  No Tickets Needed*   |  Rain or Shine