RISD campus Jane’s Walk

Fri, May 6; 10am-12pm 

Market House (near intersection of College St. and North Main St.)

Market House

RISD Campus Walk


Mike and Ed are looking forward to conducting our third Jane’s Walk and the first Jane’s Walk on the RISD campus. We are eager to walk with members of the RISD community to share and enjoy their views, experiences and understanding of the RISD campus. This main campus tour will highlight Mike’s in depth knowledge of the social and political history of the campus and his fond recollection(s) of the many characters who have left their mark on the RISD campus. Ed will add to the walk with his understanding of the architectural character of significant RISD buildings and how they have contributed to become the campus that we know and enjoy today.

WALK LEADERS: Edward R. Neubauer and Mike Fink

Ed Neubauer: RISD MArch graduate 1992. Teacher, design-build educator, principle: Not Just Design, pilot and Improv student. Mike Fink: Senior RISD faculty, Yale graduate, raconteur known to many RISD students.