Pedestrians in Providence: A Walk About Walking

Sun, May 8; 1-2:30pm

Civil War statue, Kennedy Plaza

Same as starting point


What is the on-the-ground experience of moving through this city on foot? Our focus will be observing our environment, noticing our feelings and impressions and discussing these as a group. We will explore walking, biking and car-free navigation in Providence. Starting at Kennedy Plaza, proceeding up Westminster St maybe and through Cathedral Square, we will walk over the Interstate highway, wander up to around PCTA, then take Fricker over to Broad and bus back to Kennedy Plaza.

WALK LEADER: Traci Picard

Traci Picard is a researcher, public historian and grad student in Public Humanities at Brown. She is co-chair of the Snowtown research team, Curatorial Fellow at the Swearer Center and history intern at the Unitarian Universalist Church. Originally from Providence, Traci is very passionate about this city’s history, in all its complexity. Traci’s favorite research topics combine: the history of medicine, historic inequities, cemeteries, care work and art. For fun, Traci is a transit advocate, urban birder and mudlarker.