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Read, write and share love for special places across Rhode Island

Around every corner Rhode Island is full of places we love. Shouldn’t these places get some love notes? We think so! We hope you’ll help us grow our map of Rhody Love. Take a moment to write a note to a place you love (find more info below). Use the map below to access our ever growing collection of love notes, and scroll further down to see a few recent notes we’ve chosen to highlight in our featured section.


Wanskuck Park

Hang a right off Branch Ave and drive down Woodward Rd. Some of the houses are set way back off the street—it feels strangely like a rural road in this corner of the city. Park by the church and enter the park through the ornate iron gates of a former estate. Cross the long lawn to where the land rises. Here are old brick steps, a carriage path, stone foundations [...]

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10,000 SUNS

This place is special to me for so many reasons. I love the gathering vibrations in it, the way people and other animals flock to it. I love the way the city looks from it, and how people look at each other in it. I’ve loved being a volunteer there for the last 3 years, for the the folks I’ve met and the joys of our communal labor. The abundant [...]

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Simmons Pond

Simmons Mill Pond is a secret known only to a few dog walkers, hikers, and hunters. It’s in the romantically-named Simmons Mill Pond Management Area, a few hundred acres of ponds and Oak-Holly forest with nice cleared trails. Over the past few years, dedicated volunteers have added dozens of nature notes to the trails, calling attention to plants, birds, and historical features. It’s both good outdoor adventure and educational at [...]

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That little corridor between Bassett St and Elbow St

Uncovering a tiny street is probably one of the most precious moments of living in a city. Whether you’re a newcomer, or you’ve spent the majority of your life living in the same place, finding a narrow path that seems to appear just for you can completely change the way you interact with the streets around you. I moved to Providence from Philadelphia in the summer of 2015 and during [...]

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