Nail Communications

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Nail Communications

63 Eddy St.

Sat, Sept 23 10am-6pm 



Great ideas are fragile, precious things. And they don’t grow in just any environment. That explains Nail Communication’s office. Carefully constructed chaos, it is a mix of textures, colors, angles and oddness. And a playful splash of Big Nazo, of course.

The office is all about being a fun, open and inspiring work space – a place where advertising can stretch into something decidedly untraditional. As their website says, “We are an advertising agency that kind of hates advertising.”

And as their work goes to show, their method is working: Nail’s unique take has led them to cut airplanes in half with LENOX tools, to break up the candy duo Mike & Ike, to inspire love affairs of Greek yogurt eaters, and to sell cans full of “Nothing” at grocery stores to fundraise for the RI Community Food Bank.

Come on by and see if inspiration strikes you.

Behind the Scenes

Tour Providence’s funkiest office space where you can peek at some of their projects, and see their desks featuring monstrous legs crafted by the one and only Big Nazo.

Photography by Christian Scully/Design Imaging Studios

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