Launching This July!

Throughout history, across our communities, water has acted as both a key to life and a force of destruction; central to equity yet a carrier of injustice. Despite permeating the lifeways of the Narragansett and Wampanoag peoples for thousands of years, water also carried settlers and enslaved Africans to Turtle Island. Today, coastal industry pollutes the water and people of Providence’s Southside. Yet, water also flows through the water parks that provide essential refuge from summer’s heat. Running through rivers, pipes, and groundwater, waterways are a powerful force that connect all Providence residents.

Launching in July, 2021, Providence Waterways is a multimedia, collaborative storytelling project that takes a deep dive into our relationship with water. Through a combination of online and onsite experiences, Providence Waterways will safely invite community members to participate in place-specific artistic and historical interventions that explore the stories of Providence’s water.

Join Us!

The past year has dramatically shifted the ways in which we relate to our City and neighbors. The physical and social landscape has been shifting under our feet and above our heads, meanwhile water has been flowing in new destructive patterns – histories dredged up to be confronted or, in some cases, denied.

In this unprecedented time, Doors Open RI invites YOU to join us in looking not only behind-the-scenes but also in-between-the-seams as we trace Providence’s waterways and reconnect to the places, spaces, and stories all around us. Through city explorations and collaborative storytelling, together we will reveal and explore the forms that our City’s water has taken over time, the stories it tells, and the power it holds.

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Three primary portals will guide our journey: 

1. An immersive, online StoryMap experience, available in both English and Spanish versions (Launching in July).

2. A digital, interactive, layered, geolocative soundscape, featuring sound art, interviews, storytelling, bus tours, and more.

3. A weekend of immersive, place-specific, in-person, sound-based artistic experiences (August 20-21). Curated by Shey Rivera Ríos and Seth Tourjee, performances will be free and open to the public (more information to be announced). 

Co-directed by Caroline Nye Stevens and Francesca Gallo

Research by Sam Coren and Traci Picard.
Artistic curation by Seth Tourjee and Shey Rivera Ríos.
Audio production by Jacob Sokolov-Gonzalez and Nadav Assor, with support from Halsey Burgund.