Look beneath your feet. There’s water. Can you see it? Look deeper. Listen. It’s there – whether as a trickle, a roar, a hiss, or a crash. Imagine glaciers towering over you 50,000 years ago, or the muddy swamps and brackish cove that would have submerged you as that frozen water melted and pooled. Water is all around us – running through pipes, hidden caves, water parks, and creeks; surrounding us as puddles, ponds, lakes, and rivers that all flow into the bay. It finds its way despite highways, hurricane barriers, infill, pollutants, and garbage. Waterways are the lifeforce of this land.

Providence Waterways is a multimedia, collaborative, storytelling project. Through a combination of online and onsite experiences, we invite you to immerse yourself in place-based stories, sounds, and events that explore Providence’s water.


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