Skin Deep 2019-04-25T14:25:32-04:00

Skin Deep

Fri, May 3; 5pm-7pm 

Trinity Brewhouse

Granoff Center, Brown University


Facades are what makes a building “look like” what it is, but can be surprisingly disconnected from the building they front. There are buildings without facades, facades without buildings, facades that make a street and facades that unmake one. This walk will look at some of Providence’s best known architectural icons through their facades, proving that even the most outward of architectures deserve a closer look.

WALK LEADER: Ian Baldwin

Ian Baldwin, AIA, is an architect who has lived in Providence since 2009. He has taught seminars and studios on design, architectural history, and infrastructure at schools including Brown, Northeastern, NYU, and RISD, and has written frequently on design and urbanism. He is co-founder of DUAL, an architecture and design practice.