Your support is key to opening doors in Rhode Island.

Doors Open Rhode Island is inspired by the belief that it’s through being welcomed inside the hidden gems of our communities — meeting their caretakers and learning their stories — that we become connected to people and place. We take care of and pride in what we know and love.

In this sense, we aim to transform our residents into advocates for our built environment and ambassadors for Rhode Island.

Cathedral of St. John, Providence RI. Photo Doors Open RI

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We’re a small nonprofit trying to do big things, and your contributions will go a long way to making Doors Open RI successful and sustainable. While the festival is free for visitors, it isn’t free to organize. Your support will fund programmatic and organizational necessities such as our public programs, supplies, event guides, signage, marketing and staffing. Please consider making a donation to Doors Open Rhode Island today.

Checks can be made out to our fiscal sponsor Preserve RI with Doors Open Rhode Island in the memo line.

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Doors Open RI c/o Preserve RI
957 North Main Street
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We’re proud to work with our sponsors to provide Rhode Island residents and visitors the chance to explore the hidden treasures of our state. Doors Open RI gives these companies and organizations the opportunity to showcase their civic pride and connect with the diverse audience that we’ll attract through our program series and annual festival weekend.
The Doors Open RI Festival offers sponsors extensive brand activation opportunities. To learn more, please review our sponsorship opportunities and contact
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Thank You to all of our Crowdfunders!

Doors Open Rhode Island led a successful crowdfunding campaign in the spring of 2016, raising $15,000.  We continue to be deeply humbled by the generosity of our supporters. Many thanks to all of you who made a contribution. We couldn’t have done this without your support!

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Special Thanks to our Sponsors

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The Doors Open Rhode Island Festival is made possible [in part] by a grant from the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities, an independent affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities. The Rhode Island Council for the Humanities seeds, supports, and strengthens public history, culture heritage, civic education, and community engagement for all Rhode Islanders.