This place is special to me for so many reasons. I love the gathering vibrations in it, the way people and other animals flock to it. I love the way the city looks from it, and how people look at each other in it. I’ve loved being a volunteer there for the last 3 years, for the the folks I’ve met and the joys of our communal labor. The abundant blooms in the late summer makes dragging barrows of wood chips and mud around in pouring rainy cold spring days all worth it. I love it even in the winter when the sunflower carcasses are standing stiff and brown, feeding birds with their persistent seeds, casting shadows and preserving the designer’s intention. These stiff rows wiggle together in the cold winds, reminding us that they are more than blossoms, more than selfie backdrops—they’re a living breathing year-round place with a past and a future, holding a million memories not yet made.

Name: ilona miko

Place: 10,000 SUNS

Location: Dollar st, between S. Main and S. Water streets, RH9X+P3 Providence, Rhode Island