Where 195 Used to Be

Fri, May 4; 5pm-6:30pm


JWU Student Services Center, 274 Pine St.

Wickenden and South Main St.


For over 50 years, Interstate 195 snaked through the heart of town, encircling the Jewelry District and cutting off access to the Providence River. The state removed the highway in 2010-11, leaving an empty trace that is now being incrementally — and contentiously — filled in. As the city begins to reoccupy the open space vacated by the highway, this walk will consider whether we can so easily “bury our mistakes” in new urban fabric.

For an archive of images and maps detailing the past of 195, click here!

WALK LEADER: Ian Baldwin

Ian Baldwin, AIA, is an architect who has lived in Providence since 2009. He has taught seminars and studios on design, architectural history, and infrastructure at schools including Brown, Northeastern, NYU, and RISD, and has written frequently on design and urbanism. He is co-founder of DUAL, an architecture and design practice.