Behind Every Door is a Story

Inspiring wonder, curiosity and pride in our communities by connecting the public to the great places of our state

DID YOU KNOW that the largest collection of fresco paintings in North America is located in Woonsocket, or that there is a 250 sf replica of Angkor Wat outside of a Buddhist temple in Cranston? Have you visited the oldest penny arcade in the country, located on a secluded beach in Burrillville? It’s all here in Rhode Island.

Doors Open Rhode Island connects people to local places of cultural, historical and architectural significance in an effort to bridge communities and inspire new perspectives on our cities.  In partnership with a multitude of cultural and community organizations, Doors Open RI provides behind-the-scenes access to Rhode Island’s best-kept secrets through programs and tours planned throughout the year culminating in a biennial free citywide open house festival. Most of our programming currently takes place in our capital city of Providence, but we dream of someday growing into a statewide initiative.

“I walk by the First Unitarian Church all the time, but have never really thought much about it. Now I can’t help but smile as I pass by, remembering how great the view was from the top of the bell tower! I feel like I’m really seeing the building for the first time. What a great opportunity to go into a space that I never would have otherwise.”
Alyssa Anderson, Providence Resident

First Unitarian Church of Providence. Photo by Nadav Assor


Doors Open RI will open the doors to Rhode Island’s famous and forgotten places, whether hidden under our noses or soaring above our heads. By providing new perspectives on our cities we aim to:

1. Connect Communities

Behind every door is a community of people. By opening our doors we can forge new connections between Rhode Island’s diverse populations.

2. Foster Belonging and Local Pride 

Welcoming the public inside our great places and spaces and learning their stories, fosters a sense of belonging and pride in where we live.

3. Create Advocates for our Built Environment

When we step inside a place and learn its story, we become more connected to it and to the environment it is a part of. We care more.

4. Inspire new Ambassadors

By experiencing the hidden gems of our cities, Rhode Island residents are transformed into ambassadors for the state, building local tourism and growing our economy. 

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza

“We’re such a small place, but we have so much to offer, and the more we open our doors and invite people in and make them feel welcome, the more they’ll fall in love with what Providence is. And I think that shared experience of having explored Providence and having found something that you fall in love with . . . brings people together in ways that it’s very hard for other things to do.”