Providence’s Historic Chinatown, American Connections

Sun, May 5; 12pm-1:15pm 

Beneficent Congregational Church front, Weybosset St

Tom’s Bao Bao, Westminster St.


This tour uncovers the migration, settlement and enterprise of Chinese in Providence’s central city from about 1875 to 1960. While few physical traces remain, walking the streets and replaying some historical episodes will restore historical connections between these settlers and the unfolding of the downtown economic geography.

WALK LEADER: John Eng-Wong

John Eng-Wong, recently retired from Brown University, has published and presented extensively Chinese food heritage and Chinese community. He has conducted several projects, including “The Stories of Doris and Leah and Grace—RI Chinese American Chronicles” in 2007, sponsored by the Rhode Island Committee for the Humanities and “Eating Chinese: Global and Local Perspectives on Memory and Identity” in 2008, sponsored by Brown University and Johnson & Wales Culinary Arts Museum.