Urban Trees of Elmhurst

Sun, May 5; 10am-11:30am 

In the park, across the street from 655 Pleasant Valley Parkway (a private residence)

Same as the meeting point


Meet on the Pleasant Valley Parkway. We’ll walk the sidewalks of the Elmhurst Neighborhood and appreciate the street trees and park trees as they are in Spring bloom. We will talk about statistics from the 2017 street tree inventory, and the benefits of our urban canopy. We will discuss annual plantings by the Providence Neighborhood Planting Program, tree pruning by the city, the utility companies, and Providence’s volunteer Citizen Foresters. We’ll also talk about the Pleasant Valley Stream Project, a plan to address stormwater runoff. The project is a collaboration of the Woony River Council and RI DEM. We’ll talk about the annual “Energy Saving Trees” program, a collaboration of the Arbor Day Foundation, RI DEM, and the RI Tree Council. We’ll talk about the Tree Steward certification offered through the RI Tree Council. Trees Are Cool!

WALK LEADER: Jeff Sullivan

I am a certified Tree Steward, Providence Citizen, and urban tree lover.