Downtown Providence LGBTQ History

Sat, May 7; 10-11am 

Washington & Snow Street – under the “Three Waves to Coastway” mural in the parking lot

Alex and Ani City Center, Burnside Park


See places associated with Providence’s LGBTQ history, including sites of police raids, civil rights marches, and groundbreaking legal battles. Discuss the challenges of researching communities that have been historically marginalized – both by the dominant culture and within the LGBTQ community – and how to create a more inclusive historical record. Do you know about significant LGBTQ places? Tell us about them!

WALK LEADERS: Kate Wells, Joanna Doherty and Matthew Lawrence

Kate Wells is the Curator of Rhode Island Collections at Providence Public Library; Joanna Doherty is an Architectural Historian with the Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission; Matthew Lawrence is an Arts Editor and independent historian. They share an interest in the social and cultural history of Providence with a special passion for bringing hidden histories to light.