Thomassons: Relics of Providence’s Built Environment

Sun, May 8; 10-11:30am

Market Square, North Main St. and College St.

 Roger Williams National Memorial


Thomassons are architectural relics: elements of the built environment which once served a purpose but do not any longer, yet are still present. For instance, in older neighborhoods we still see bridle hitches, even though it’s been a century since people got around Providence by horse. Thomassons hold the memories of elements of our environment and lifestyles that are no longer parts of our lives. Walking around for a while, we will find Thomassons which will reveal lost elements of our cityscape and prompt us to think about the lives of people in prior eras, before urban renewal, electrification, automobiles, and more.


I am a passionate bicycle & pedestrian transportation planner (AICP, LCI) working toward improved public health, more social equity, an improved economy, better community livability, and stronger GNH (Gross National Happiness). I have 24 years of experience in helping communities develop biking and walking infrastructure, and 22 years as a resident of Providence. I served five years as founding chair of the Providence Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission, sit on the Amtrak Bicycle Task Force, am a former member of the US Bicycle Route Task Force, and was a founding board member of the Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition.