Problem Solved! Olneyville redevelopment, 6/10 and a whole lot of cars

Sunday May 7, 11-12:30pm

Asa Messer School

St. Mary’s Church


We will meet at the parking lot of Asa Messer School to discuss both personal and systemic stories of the mid-century redevelopment in Olneyville. Using images, newspaper stories and our own observations, we will look into some of the ways that top-down “planning” changed this neighborhood, and the long-lasting effects.

WALK LEADER: Traci Picard

Traci Picard is a public historian and graduate student of Public Humanities from Providence. Traci researches topics like labor history, medicine and the systems and connections that make history matter. She also works as co-lead of the Snowtown Research Team, tour guide at the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice at Brown, and various history projects. Traci will happily take you mudlarking, tell you about the urban plants of Providence or join you on a cemetery walk. And, finally, she is wildly passionate about pedestrian rights and public transportation.