Remember Me: Walking St. Patrick’s Cemetery

Saturday, May 6 10-11:30am

St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Douglas Avenue entrance (between Vale and Mansfield Streets)

Same as meeting point


Have you ever visited St. Patrick’s Cemetery in Smith Hill? Not me. . .yet. Established in 1843, this is one of the state’s oldest Roman Catholic cemeteries in Rhode Island. Let’s explore it together, walking and talking about memory and meaning in the urban landscape. This program is also part of the Rhode Island Cemetery Weeks calendar.

WALK LEADER: Sarah Zurier

Sarah is the Special Projects Coordinator / Historian at the Rhode Island Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission. She is a lifelong Providence resident, and a walker. Sarah walked the city’s perimeter for the Providence Boundaries Project in 2020. Her next goal is to walk or run every street–and cemetery path–in the city.